200515 – Cee-Bee™ MR Dual Dosing Unit 115V

The timers can be programmed to open the solenoid valves at given intervals for a pre-determined duration, ensuring accurate and controlled dosing routines to be maintained. When a solenoid valve is open, the pressure differential in the vaccum pipe will allow the Honey Bee MR 120 Scale remover to be drwan into the vacuum system. The eytra air administering solenoid valve allows for air to be dosed into the system. The periodic air flush simulates a toilet flush, without water, that moves the Honey Bee MR 120 Scale rmover anddistributes it over the inside surface of the vacuum pipes.
The Cee-Bee MR Dual Digital Dosing Unit was developed after extensive trials, and has already successfully cleaned the pipework on several vessels were the pipe bore was down as little as 10 mm in some places. We advise any type of Cee-Bee MR Dosing Unit or Dosing Pump at the end of each vacuum line in order to keep all lines free from urinary scale.

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Cee-Bee MR Dual Dosing Unit 115V ready to be mounted on a 10 ltr canister as part of an automatic dosing maintenance concept. The innovative design of the Cee-Bee MR Dual Dosing Unit 115V includes two solenoid valves, digital timer units with LCD screens offering true digital time cycle programming, suction pipe, tank connector and transparent supply hose.

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