Portable Level Gauging and Sampling

Honeywell Tanksystem is the world’s leading supplier of portable level gauging and sampling equipment for marine applications. The portfolio includes

  • HERMetic portable level gauging equipment for inventory control, cargo inspection during custody transfer and verification or calibration of automatic gauging systems
  • HERMetic portable sampling equipment designed to sample liquids from tanks under closed or restricted conditions
  • HERMetic Onecal intrinsically safe portable digital thermometer for use in hazardous environments.

Honeywell Tanksystem’s HERMetic UTImeter Gtex is a portable gas tight liquid level gauge designed for closed gauging of hydrocarbons and chemicals. It ensures increased safety and efficiency in cargo control measurement, custody transfer, temperature verification and free water detection on marine vessels.

What Is It?

​HERMetic UTImeter Gtex enables three measurements in a single operation:

  • Ullage level measurement
  • Temperature verification
  • Oil-water interface level detection

HERMetic UTImeter Gtex allows easy battery exchange and can be fitted with interchangeable adaptors for connection on different vapor control valves. The tape cleaning devices, window wiper and tape protection are standard parts.

Honeywell’s HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem

The HERMetic Sampler GTX Chem is a portable sampler dedicated to applications where closed sampling of chemicals or liquids is required, and a sample of approximately 0.5 liter of liquid is needed. A sampler with special FFKM gaskets is recommended for operations involving refined products or corrosive chemicals.

Hermetic Compact Valves

Honeywell’s HERMetic valves

Honeywell’s HERMetic valves are specially designed to support all portable HERMetic equipment with quick connectors and represent the base for the zero-ullage reference, when installed at the appropriate height. They ensure safe and reliable operation of all portable HERMetic gauging and sampling units and are certified for use in classified areas. The valves are available in three different sizes – 1-inch, 2-inch and 4-inch.


As per IMO requirement for Tanker Safety and Pollution Prevention, oxygen level needs to be determined before starting crude oil washing. The HERMetic OXY samples inert gas (or any other gas) over full tank height while preventing any gas release into the atmosphere

Please contact us at sales.agencies@bindemann-group.com and we’ll let you receive your offer for complete devices or spare parts.

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