we are proudly announcing that Honeywell PMT has confirmed our company as Authorized Partner in Germany

Precision Level Measurement Systems from Honeywell

Honeywell specializes in precision level measurement systems for marine applications and provides the HERMetic series, including world-class portable tank gauges for static verification of the tank content and liquid temperature.

The portable equipment can also be used for calibration and verification of automatic tank gauging systems. HERMetic portable gauging and sampling equipment is an important tool for inventory control and cargo inspection during custody transfer. Honeywell offers full tank gauging solutions for cargo, ballast and service tanks, including monitoring of temperature and inert gas for all types of tankers, and sampling systems for Ballast Water.

Automated Level Gauging

Honeywell’s range of Automated Level Gauging products ensure continuous and precise level gauging for safer and more secure marine operations, particularly during loading and discharging.


Safety And Security

Honeywell’s safety and security range for marine applications includes products for gas detection, overfill detection, a CCTV solution, fire detection, liquid level, radar video surveillance and water ingress detection.

MCIU – Marine Communication Interface Unit
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