Easi‐Fit / Flexi‐Bolt

Hydraulic bolts are acknowledged as a major development and represent progression in bolting technology. Many major ship owners currently benefit from the installation of hydraulic bolts where they are fitted on all types of vessels including LNG, Container ships, Tankers, Ro‐Ro and many more.

As their name suggests, Easi Fit and Flexi Bolt are simple to install and suitable for any flange configuration. They are supplied smaller in diameter than the hole and are therefore installed with little effort. Using a portable tool kit, the diameter expands whilst inside the hole. This creates the interference fit required to transmit the torque. The same tool kit is used to tighten the nuts and apply the necessary clamping force on the flange.

Removal is just as simple and utilises the same tool kit. Bolts are removed from the holes with the same simplicity with which they were installed. There is no damage to the holes or the bolts and they can be re‐used.


Easi-Fit are commonly used on applications here due to space restrictions outside of the flange face, no additional standout length is acceptable. As Easi-Fit are bespoke to a particular set of flange dimensions, they are manufactured to order.

Whilst the bolt is designed to suit a specific application, the tool kit for Easi-Fit is derived from a standard range (see data table). As such, bolts of the same or similar diameter on different flanges will share common tool kit parts. On an application such as a propulsion shaft, the cost of the tool kit is minimal, when spread over a number of flanged connections.


Flexi-Bolt are designed to suit a wide range of hole diameters (see data table) and flange widths. The range consists of just seven different designs suitable for hole diameter sizes 55mm through to 125mm. As an ‘off the shelf’ item, Flexi-Bolt is ideal for use where time restrictions do not allow for bespoke designs and lengthy lead times.

As with the Easi-Fit, the tool kit has been standardised to maximise common usage for bolts in the same range.

Replacing Morgrip Bolts:

Auxano’s f-series bolts are suitable for replacement of Morgrip Bolts. Morgrip Bolts are fitted to a large number of vessels, particularly those built during the 1970’s and 80’s. In the event that Morgrip Bolts have become damaged during removal, Auxano is able to supply our f-series bolts from our stock range at short notice, complete with class approval.

Replacing just a small number of Morgrip Bolts can be extremely costly with lengthy lead times. At Auxano we will provide you with an alternative cost efficient solution.

Please contact us at sales.agencies@bindemann-group.com and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.

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