200081 – Cee-Bee™ A36MR Hygienic Cleaner 10 ltr.


is a multifunctional, highly concentrated, liquid cleaning concentrate. Can have a disinfectant effect. Neutralizes residues and odors from nicotine, food and fruit juices. for cleaning in the kitchen and sanitary area. Mix a 1:10 solution with water, spray on the parts to be cleaned and wipe off. Allow to act for a bit of time to neutralize odors, repeat the process for dried-on food residues if necessary. Does not attack steel, iron, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, magnesium, rubber, plastic, painted surfaces, plexiglass. Cee-Bee ™ A36MR is biodegradable, does not burn, smells pleasant and is toxicologically safe. It is highly effective and therefore low in consumption.

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