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TS 10035 – HERMetic DIP 2 30 m

The HERMetic DIP Type 2 is designed for checking that the bottom of closed and inerted tanks is dry and free of deposits after crude oil washing. It consists of a graduated brass / stainless steel wight attached to a graduated stainless steel tape wound up on a reel and an adapter for connecting a HERMetic valve. The operation is carried out with reduced escape of gas from the tank to the atmosphere.

A 500 mm long graduated DIP rod, designed for easy penetration of sediments on tank bottom, is attached to a 30 m. long stainless steel tape, which is coiled on a reel graduated in combined metric and English unit. The storage tube is fitted with a quick connect coupling for fast and easy installation on all HERMetic 1 Inch quick connect nipples.

For best water detection results the use of our MC100 – H2O Plus+ Water Level Indicator Paste is recommended!

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