we are proudly announcing that Honeywell PMT has confirmed our company as Authorized Partner in Germany

RK-30-sampler-GT-GTX – 30m-Sampler-Tape-Replacement-Kit

Complete kit for HERMetic Sampler GTX and GT models. Chemical resistant version! INCLUDING FREE LAB BOTTLE WITH CAP.

Based on a decade of practical experience acting as an officially recognized service station for Honeywell Enraf Tanksystem, we learned about the critical parts that are usually not frequently cleaned dismantled or replaced, but nevertheless have a strong impact on safety. We have addressed them with this Tape-Replacement-Kit.

– contains ALL parts needed
– Failure Insurance
– no expiration date
– drawing shows installation locations
– fast repair on spot by the operators
– no long time out of service
– no external service only for tape repair
– saves on handling fees / shipping costs

necessary for maintaining safe operations on board: TS21059 and TS20604 are only accessible when device is dismantled for tape exchange. However, these parts are mainly responsible for the gas-tightness of the HERMetic Sampler and are subject to normal wear and tear. Our experience shows that the operator almost never inspects or cleans these parts. This means that damage is likely not noticed and a safe and accurate function can be endangered.

this kit contains:
1x TS 10369 Tape assy w/o winder 30 m.
2x TS 20604 Gasket for winder
1x TS 40800 Slotted cheese head mach. screw M4x30
5x TS 40302 Socket head cap screw M4x10
5x TS 40303 Socket head cap screw M4x12
2x TS 21059 FOI Forseal ring Dia: 16
1x TS 12097 Wiper
1x TS 40705 Slotted pan head mach. screw M2.5×8
1x TS 10535 Wiper PTFE
1x TS 20550 Lab Bottle 16 oz. 28mm w. standard cap (FREE)

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