Polar Jet® tank cleaning machines have been developed for long service life with a minimum of maintenance. With the new Polar Jet Eco you save time, reduce slop and save money.

We use the latest technologies in order to develop products that are robust, few moving parts and
with low life-cycle costs. You can rely on the tank cleaning machines performance for years and
years, with a minumum of maintenance requirements.

Polar Jet® programmable single nozzle tank cleaning units are flange mounted in the tank top or
deck. The movement of nozzle is fully controlled by a turbine driven control unit, via a turning and
lifting rod in the cleaning unit.

A complement to single nozzle machines is the Polar Jet® twin nozzle machine, a unit with asymmetrically opposed nozzles driven by an integrated turbine and gearing. The specially designed turbine gives a safe and reliable starting and stable speed control.

The operation only requires opening and closing of the control valve. The Polar Jet® non programmable twin nozzle models can be installed in deck on a stand pipe or submerged in the tanks as an effective complement to deck mounted machines.

Machines can also be delivered for portable use for cleaning the tanks by lowering the Polar Jet® twin nozzle model down into the tanks by a tank cleaning hose.

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